The art of changing the weather at will is outside the limits of time
and space and our three dimensional world.  As such it follows
no principles and/or laws of science.

If you do not believe in occurrences unexplainable by science,
then this information is not for you!

is an instrument used to modify the weather.  The total length is about 10', 6' of solid pipes and 4' of flexible electrical conduit. The unit rests on a 4' stand.  During the activation of the cloud buster the flexible conduit is submerged in a bucket of overflowing water.

In the last 12 years we have successfully used this cloud buster in the South Florida bio-region to end droughts
and avert many hurricanes

After requesting the four elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth for help, the instrument is then used to amplify your intention of creating the weather pattern you desire.

Feel free to check out the four recommended web sites for more information. 
about the underlying principles of cloud busting.

Public Orgonomic Research Exchange (Pore)

The Wilhelm Reich Museum
Orgone Biophysical Research Lab

The Weather is neutral.   It does not attack you!

The Weather is neutral in its function of making weather.  It performs its function of bringing storms or sunshine in a very neutral state.  It keeps our atmosphere balanced.  So if there is more heat (global warming) it must work harder to achieve its mission. 
That may result in more violent storms.

The Weather responds to our emotional states.  People who are in fear, anger and despair create electro magnetic havoc.  The weather is then influenced by this havoc.

The Weather is your friend.  If you respect it, it will communicate with you.  You can actually have a dialog with it and ask it to bring you the weather you desire.  (The cloud buster helps with this communication, but is not necessary.) 

My wife and I communicate regularly with hurricanes that come our way. 
They tell us which way they plan to go and what their intentions are.

Many times their intentions are not well defined and then they will allow us to negotiate with them a different path for them.  As long as it is a win-win situation, they are generally amenable to it.  Of the storms we talked to, only Andrew, Hugo, Katrina and Wilma had a well defined mission and their path was not negotiable.

Please don't fight the weather.
Don't see it as your enemy to battle or be at war with.   

If you do that it will retreat from you.  By retreating from you it will not stop being the weather, but you will not be able to dialog with it.