PART 1: We Get on the Road
PART 2: Hot Springs, Arkansas
PART 3: Adventures with Starr
PART 4: The Tennessee Loop
PART 5: The Intensive with Starr
PART 6: The Way to North Carolina
PART 7: The NorthEast Loop
PART 8: Washington D.C.

PART 9: Movin' West to Columbus
PART 10: We Cross the Great Plains
PART 11: Montana Adventures

PART 12: Oregon
PART 13: Northern California

PART 14: Central California Adventures
PART 15: Southern California Adventures
PART 16: The Return

Part Eleven A; Montana Adventures

Part A: Lakeside at Flathead Lake

We were back together again. Tires, working parts, etc. all in order. Excitedly, we continued into bigger mountains, looking for more trees as we drove west. But population was sparse and so were the trees. We reached Missoula, with me wondering when we were ever going to see forested mountains. Missoula was a larger town with a more integrated personality than Billings, which we gratefully appreciated. We followed directions to meet Barbara and Robert her husband at his Dermatology office. Again, the challenge was to park such a huge rig in their office-building parking lot as it shared space with a bank, but finally a parking space (or rather several spaces in a row) opened up. We parked, found the door, and then rode the elevators up. We arrived during the last moments of Robert’s lunch period and so we were able to meet him. Barbara had spoken with Galexis but Robert hadn’t. However, it was still easy to connect as fellow magicians in the Lazaris network. We had seen each other at workshops but hadn’t known names. In Robert’s office, I found several small statues from Incan tombs showing how the people at that time interpreted various health conditions. He collected them. Daniel and I had a couple of statues ourselves and now I suspect that one of our statues, a smiling woman with the hole in her head, had just been treated for insanity or a bad headache! The view of the city was spectacular from their penthouse office. I felt good that there were some metaphysical people holding the energy in this part of the world.

Soon we had to continue. We slowly worked our way north a couple of hours through harsh dusty construction/road expansion to Flathead Lake. Flathead was a moniker given to the local natives who traditionally pressed foreheads and noses into a straighter line, which they thought appealing, by fastening a wood strip on the papooses’ heads. Of course, no one still did this disfigurement and the tribes no longer want to be called Flatheads. Despite their Reservation being called the Flathead Reservation, now they call themselves the Salish. I didn’t know this of course at the time we came to the Lake, but thought it an interesting piece of local trivia to share with you.

Here’s a picture of the Lake with some rain.


After a while following the Lake, we came into the community of Lakeside. Turning off at a sign offering you-pick cherries, we passed through cherry orchards toward the lake and looked for the first driveway past the trees. This was Judy and Tom’s place and we groaned when we saw the driveway where we were to park. It slanted down. Nevertheless, there had to be a way. We parked on the street and knocked. Out came Judy and Tom and two of their dogs. Right away, Judy and Tom saw the big rig and realized the issue. So for the better part of an hour, the four of us coached Daniel as he drove past the driveway and turned around, driving past the driveway the other way, pausing and backing slowly into it without hitting anything on the sides of the narrow streets. There was a dip between the driveway and the street and our back jacks dragged the concrete, making a loud noise and scarring the pavement. We’d done this before and the poor things were twisted a bit and distorted, but Judy and Tom were distressed that we were tearing the RV apart. Nevertheless, we parked it successfully, although it felt very wobbly because the driveway inclined down, so we had to build up the front of the RV as high as possible to level out the trailer. You see, the front legs of the 5th wheel are very skinny aluminum posts and they were extended to their full length. This made the RV rock when we walked inside it – not a secure feeling! Daniel brought out a tripod stabilizer to go over the kingpin but the tripod legs didn’t reach the ground because the downward slant was too severe by this point. However, after Tom disappeared and returned with 6 concrete blocks, we were able to create a base for the tripod, using 2 blocks per leg. (This was typical of Tom who was always quietly helping out and solving problems throughout the whole visit. What a gem!) Now the RV was more stable than it usually was on level ground without the tripod. Great! We didn’t have to be concerned that we’d move too quickly in the RV and it would topple over!

Right away, the four of us sat around the dinner table and started finding out who all we knew in common. Tom had a pain issue in his lower back from a series of injuries and so we all started talking about all the healers we knew. Judy and Tom were impressed with an energy/spiritual healer named Jim MacKimmie, who lived further north in Eureka MT near the Canadian border. They showed us his book, “Presence of Angels”, which was a story about his life and healing work. As soon as I expressed interest in experiencing him, Judy immediately placed a call to him and his wife Andrea. They booked us for the following week, and since they were always so busy but were able to make this exception, I realized that this was probably a favor to Judy. It’s wonderful to have such supportive friends!

Judy and Tom had three dogs in three different sizes and all greeted us. The youngest and smallest, Leonardo, was very cute, charming and playful, nipping at my toes. He is a mixture of a Yorkie and a Poodle and considered therefore a “Yorkypoo.” The older and slightly larger one, Paz (sometimes called “Pazmania”), was jealous of the youngster and looked miffed. His expression of disdain was so clear and his body posture so in alignment with the expression, he came across perfectly as a jealous human. Paz didn’t easily approach for petting although you could tell he wanted it. The largest dog Phoenix is an old poodle. She moved slowly like the old dog she is. She appeared to be in her last days, but amazingly after a couple of days during our visit, she perked up and walked more easily. Of course, we gave her some healing energy and maybe that helped. The dogs wanted to be with us a lot. Sometimes the intense cheerfulness of the little one Daniel called “fur ball” was too much, as he playfully attacked our feet wherever we went. It was hard not stepping on him.

The four of us coordinated our calendars so that we could get everything into it we wanted while we were here.  Judy and Tom presented everything that they thought they wanted to do with us, especially boating over to Wild Horse Island and visiting Faerie Island, both north of Lakeside in the middle of the lake. We told them we’d like to see Glacier National Park and they were thrilled. They loved the place and offered to take us both there for a great view and a nice hike. Then we told them that Starr and Art were somewhere in NW Montana too and wanted to go to dinner with us along with James and one of Starr’s clients living there who had begun a romantic relationship with him. So we connected with Art only to find out to our utter amazement that Starr and Art were also in Lakeside! Now what are the chances of that occurring? Connecting in Hot Springs and then again in a tiny town of fewer than 2000 people in a remote area of the country at the same time! This connection with Starr was getting auspicious if there was this much synchronicity to our relationship!

After considering all the things to do, I wondered if there’d be time for me to channel or to get rest. It was always great to go back to the RV and plop down in our comfy beds. No unpacking in motels and having to deal with a different bed every location. As we were tired from the trip and all the fussing over the RV setup, I looked forward to sleeping in such a marvelously quiet place.


Sleep “Martyr Magic”

Imagine my surprise when the next morning at 7 a.m., I hear women talking and laughing near the trailer. Judy had said she was going to go to a friend’s house on the lake for her morning Tai Chi class. But as she told me later, it was too foggy so the women came to Judy’s instead. They gathered in the garage behind the RV, and did their moves to music, all the while talking and laughing. I was glad they were having fun and I was laughing too. I am certainly creative in finding ways to disturb my morning sleep! It’s all part of my talented “martyr magic” rather than positive “magician’s magic.” Unfortunately, I don’t catch up on sleep very easily during the day, even if there is time for a nap. But going low on sleep one night is no problem. I generally “wake up” adequately later in the day. When the class ended, I was still relaxing in bed, doing one of my meditations, snuggled into my blankets. The morning had been cooler than I was used to and very nice.

The women left. I thought, hey, maybe I can catch a little more sleep. Before I could fall asleep, there was a knocking on the trailer door. Art shows up at the trailer and knocks on the door. How did he know where the RV was? Daniel and I get up and greet Art who says “you said by the cherry orchard and this is the only lane with a cherry sign pointing to it!” We laughed a lot over the magic of that! Then we coordinated a big dinner for all of us together for Friday evening, as well as for James’ birthday party on Sunday. Then Art went on his way. It’s always more fun to organize things in person than over the phone, I feel. But then I’m not a “phone person.”

Daniel went off to pick some cherries as I pulled myself together and had my breakfast. After I had had some coffee to wake up and compensate for my lack of rest, Daniel and I hopped into Aylar and went exploring around the area. Judy and Tom didn’t do much hiking, or at least Tom didn’t, so we were left to ourselves to find a good trail. Naturally drawn to a road that said “Blacktail Mountain,” we drove up a long winding road through tall evergreens into cooler and cooler terrain. I was feeling good despite the fuzz in my brain. After all the heat we had suffered on this trip, some cooler weather was certainly welcome! We found a road that led away from the main drive, parked Aylar and hiked up and back down a steep mountainside. We observed interesting flowers and butterflies and enjoyed the different wild smell of this area. At the very top, we found an unsupervised government or military installation. It’s good that the terrorists don’t have enough men to track down all these sights! It was a little chilly, but we got a great view of the surrounding area with Flathead Lake.

Here’s a view from the near top with a high-flying bird.

That night we had a wonderful dinner at home. Judy is a fabulous cook. We talked for a long time before I faded out. I crawled into bed that night looking forward to making up for the surprise of the morning. Judy had apologized for my lack of sleep and said that there would be no crowd there the next morning. So along came some early hour and I woke up again, this time to Elvis Presley singing “Don’t be Cruel” and a motor or generator running. Seems this morning was dog grooming day. The groomer parked her van next to the RV on my side (of course!) and while she worked on the dogs, they barked a lot and she listened to Elvis and kept on her air conditioning. All this was less than 4 feet from my bedroom window. I simply must be the most gifted and talented sleep disturbance specialist anywhere! Since it took a good couple of hours to groom the dogs, there was no opportunity to return to sleep. So I dragged myself up and drank more coffee, although coffee on the second day of lack of rest can be jittery-making and swing my blood sugar around unpleasantly.

Sleepily I sat around with Daniel, Judy and Tom and we discussed all the things we were to do together while Daniel and I were visiting and fit them in the calendar. We had thought that maybe we’d go to Glacier Park today, but we reasoned that we might run too late for the big dinner with Starr and Art. So Daniel and I brought out the crystals we’d gotten from Donna back in the D.C. area. Judy and Tom looked at them and Judy chose several of the nicest ones for herself and Tom. We talked about things and Judy revealed that she was getting readings from another channel besides me. His name was Dale Carley and he channeled an entity called Baratta. Dale lived in the L.A. area, and since I was going down there, Judy exclaimed, “you simply must meet this fellow!” Since I enjoyed meeting other channels, I agreed. “It’s a great idea,” I said. Immediately the phone rang. Judy picked up. It was Dale! Judy was amazed since Dale had never before called her. Generally she calls him for appointments. How about that for magic?

We channels are a weird group but if we’re not competitive we actually enjoy each other a lot. Dale’s voice was warm and pleasant and it was a pleasure, no matter how brief, to connect with him and plan on getting together while we were in L.A. Judy said that her body had been changed by the energy healing Baratta gave on her. So I asked to get a healing session and Dale said that first Baratta required a reading on me. So I suggested “would you be up to an exchange?” Dale was excited, as he had probably heard from Judy how she enjoyed Galexis, so we were on for an exchange and then a healing for me. Dale and his wife Tysa both attend Lazaris workshops, so again we have this wonderful connection in common. Now I had yet something else wonderful to anticipate in L.A., besides what was already planned – the NeuroCranialRestructuring, the Atlas Profilax, and Bashar, yet another channeled entity.

I wished I was more upbeat but finally I simply couldn’t enjoy the get-together and the crystal looking because I was simply too tired and sleepy. So finally, I suggested to Daniel that I would go lie down and when it was time to leave, he’d come get me. I didn’t realize until I lay down that I was anticipating his coming to alert me every time he came out to the RV for something. Since he came and went frequently, I didn’t get any sleep at all. Finally I was simply so frustrated and tired that I got up and cried. Daniel came in the trailer and found me, exhausted and sobbing. I explained how I was simply even more on alert by this system and how tired, sleepy, and now distressed and depressed I was getting. Now I know why small children cry when they are sleepy.

Daniel immediately did a “Pull” on me. A “Pull” is a technique from the system Ethel Lombardi created in the 1970’s known as MariEl System of Healing. The Pull electro magnetically sucks out of the cellular memory all the debris about a particular chosen issue. A lot of energetic stuff came out and a lot of victim stuff and I actually felt better, at least emotionally. I think I even was a little more awake and not quite so tired. So I drank a little more coffee and then we headed out to a restaurant in the nearest large town, Kalispell. So Judy, Tom, Daniel and I joined Starr, Art, Mary Lyn and James at a big table in a busy and noisy place.

I cannot distinguish sounds when there’s a lot of ambient noise going on, so I generally hear only the person closest to me when I go to a noisy restaurant. Fortunately, Starr’s high pitched voice cuts through a lot of sound soup and we all swapped chairs here and there for more focused conversations. Starr enjoyed Judy a lot and I was glad. Mary Lyn was fun too. She was one of Starr’s clients. She related how she and James had met. Many times when she called Starr, James would pick up the phone. They ended up talking a lot and when James broke up with a girlfriend, they began to talk more seriously. Now they were engaged, so everyone at the table was mated happily, at least at the moment! I just kept going over and over with amazement the synchronicity of our being together in the same small town in NW Montana at the same time. I knew it was magic, so what was the message? For a while, I got a “contact high” from all the excitement (no drugs, okay?) and woke up enough to enjoy myself. Of course it helped that I ate some delicious rich chocolate too. Of course, you may consider chocolate a drug! If so, then I’m guilty! And it was yummy! (Note; in case you didn’t know, chocolate contains caffeine, one of the “addictive” agents in it)

During my personal intensive, Starr had suggested that I come back through Hot Springs and she could fix my coccyx. But I didn’t know if I would be able to go through Hot Springs on the way back, since we had had to cancel so much on our trip and didn’t know our schedule. So I asked Starr if I could have a healing on my coccyx while we were here. She agreed and told us to stop by Mary Lyn’s house on the lake after boating with Tom the next day. Art, James and Mary Lyn were planning to go to Glacier National Park the next day but Starr is not strong and besides, had clients and miscellaneous things to do. So Starr was going to stay at Mary Lyn’s. We would find the dock and meet her there during Starr’s rare free time and she could work on me before Art, James and Mary Lyn came back. Happily, we returned and I went to bed.


Boating Adventures on the Lake

Saturday morning, I woke up rested and celebratory - eureka! I slept enough! It had been a quiet and cool pleasant night. Tom had invited us to go out on Flathead Lake in his motorboat, so I packed accordingly. Tom loves “toys,” (also known as guy machines that are cool.) As a boy, Tom dreamed about having a big garage where he could tinker and play with cool machines. Most boys didn’t get their fantasies fulfilled when they grew up, but Tom finally had! In the huge garage that he designed and built (being amazingly handy with tools), he has a boat, Toyota Avalon, Jeep CJ7 (which is a special vehicle for going straight uphill without falling off) and a Jeep Cherokee, motorcycle, a rider mower with all the attachments, and a 1929 Model A Ford he is restoring. His motorboat was parked on the driveway next to the RV in the front. Tom whistled as he brought things out of the garage and the house and packed them in the boat. I was not sure I was looking forward to boating, although he and Judy definitely were excited. Every time I’d been on a boat, I had been quite uncomfortable, not to mention bored. So I brought along various comfort aids that wouldn’t be destroyed if doused. It was too cold for me to want to swim so I bundled up to protect my neck from the wind. In times like these, my “Princess” Self really shows up, fussing over the details and trying to cover every potentiality for discomfort. I resolved that I would get myself in balance and heal this body stuff so that I could have an easier life. No more Princess and the Pea crap! Oh well, I actually was physically better since starting this RV trip, really. I had to admit it. The Princess is on the way out. Maybe this is her last Show.

To my amazement and delight, the seat on the boat, with a pillow at my back and the folded stool under my feet worked! I was comfortable. And I had covered my neck well and sat behind the glass windshield, so that my neck was not stressed. This could actually be tolerable! Tom headed out from the public dock at a good clip and soon we were out on the Lake, passing big house after big house. All along the lake there were towns that doubled as resorts - places of retreat for well-to-do people. Some of the houses were amazingly crafted on the side of the cliffs coming down to the water. A few were outrageous and creative examples of huge wealth thrown into architecture. Very entertaining! I found myself amazed that anyone would want such a huge house, and caught myself. For years, I had dreamed of having my very own personally designed enormous house, decorated to the nines by me of course! Although I could never afford it, somehow that desire had died, at least for now. I laughed. If someone had told me that I was going to enjoy living in an RV that was maybe 400 square feet (tops!) with the slides out, I would have thought him or her crazy. Now look at me, footloose and fancy-free as far as housing is concerned. No debts, traveling wherever. Wow, this can be fun if I don’t have to worry about repairs. And this week I didn’t have to think about repairs – whoopee! I had to admit to myself that this RV life is really fun!

Eventually, we came to a big island they called “Wild Horse Island.” You guessed it. There were wild horses on the island. But there were also many other animals and birds living there too, Tom told me. As we came closer, Tom reduced the engine power to a purr and we moved more slowly around the perimeter. We saw that humans were building more and more on the island. New frames were going up here and there. The closer we got, the more I did not feel very good about the place. I didn’t know why, but I didn’t really want to spend any time there. I wished Tom would just drive on away. But Tom was giving us the tour, so I said nothing and tried to relax. At least I was comfortable! Tom slowly circled the large island and we saw some wild goats by the beachside. Then we also saw some eagles and their nests. Finally, Tom found a bank to land. If Tom and Judy weren’t so excited about having us ashore, I would’ve suggested we leave. Once on land, I found the pebbles on the little “beach” were beautiful. Many designs and colors enhanced by the liquid wetness. I collected a good bunch. Judy said that she collects good stones here and paints runes on them, making rune decks for friends. Cool! I thought.

Presently, we were done collecting and we jumped back in the boat and backed away from the island, turning slowly to return. This was the high point? I was looking forward to being on land again. Usually, when I’m on the water, I feel a bit trapped. I can’t get up and walk anywhere. I have to stay seated and alert, not my favorite thing to do. How much longer until we get to Starr? Are we running late? I kept thinking in this vein, feeling more restless and dissatisfied. And then we came to what Judy and Tom called “Faerie Island.” As we got closer, I began to feel excited. It was only a miniscule little island sticking out of the lake, tiny in comparison to Wild Horse Island. It was maybe only 35 feet long and 20 feet wide, but filled with a magic and power. You could see it in the rock formations and in the placement of the trees. Every view was harmonious, unspoiled, and looked framed for a picture. I snapped away on my camera. There was no beach for landing, but we found an outcropping of rocks where the water was deep enough next to them so we could get close enough. There were trees there to anchor to, and soon we four were scrambling up the side of the island to the top, about 15 or 20 feet above us. The top of the island was flat and shaped in a figure 8 pattern, or as we liked to see it, an infinity pattern. Natural placements of stone emphasized the two circular areas and the narrower waist in the center. Someone had built a fire and made yet another circle with stones that were placed somehow very appropriately. Good feng shui, this island! I could feel a high rushing energy in my head that meant psychic flow. So I told everyone “I think I’d like to channel.” Of course they were all delighted with the idea. Daniel suggested a place or two to sit and did what he could to make me comfortable. I found a stone next to a high resonance tree and sat down.

As I began to relax into my altered state of mind, right away I sensed a tremendous amount of spirit activity around me. Galexis came through smiling about the Faerie Cathedrals and the meeting place we were sitting on. This is one of the portal or docking areas that have been closed due to the difficulty of working with the human realm locally. It is about ready to reopen. This kind of thing is happening all over the planet as the new reality emerges and the leading wave individuals get themselves clear and in a consistently powerful and positive intentionality. Then we’ll see these humans align with the Faerie Kingdom and together work to heal the rest of the Human Kingdom’s poor attitude towards its planet.

Here’s a picture of me channeling Galexis on Faerie Island.

Someone asked a question about Wild Horse Island and Galexis said that two years previous, a dark energy had descended on the place and it was not a good energy alignment place for people with sensitive perceptions. Tom confirmed this, saying that a man had moved onto Wild Horse Island and had run him off when he was docking at a public dock. The man was angry and mean to people and also, it seemed, he had gained the reputation of being destructive to the land and annoying to other inhabitants of the island. Galexis didn’t see when this situation would change, only that it would in time. When I came out of trance, I was glad to know there was a good reason why I reacted so darkly to Wild Horse Island.

Here is one view of Faerie Island as we were leaving.

Then it was getting late and we still needed to get to Starr during her free time at Mary Lyn’s. As we drove up to the dock, Starr was already outside waving to us. We hitched the boat and tromped up the many stairs to the house perched on the cliff. Starr welcomed us with open arms. We had made it before the others had returned – yea! Starr was excited about all of us and in a great mood. She decided to do healings on all of us, even though I was the only one that had asked for one. Starr had me sit as straight as possible in front of her with my back to her and she ran energy up and down my spine, correcting things. My spine began to burn and I slumped over, but Starr said, “no, sit straight. I’m straightening your spine.” So I did, but then the burning got too intense and I asked Starr to calm it a little. Immediately she did, but now I had to sit a little longer. While she sent me energy for about 5 to 10 minutes, she worked on two others. Finally I was done, or “cooked.” I rested on the soft couches for a few minutes. Then we heard the sounds of the others returning. They were bringing food for dinner and were evidently hungry, so we said goodbye as soon as we were finished and headed back to the boat. From there, we headed straight back to the dock. Tom expertly loaded the boat on the boat trailer and he and Daniel hitched it to Tom’s truck. We four arrived back to the house where the boat was once again placed next to Shungo.

Then we went to dinner. Judy and Tom drove us to Big Fork, a small artsy town on the eastern side of the lake. They mentioned that the weather on their western side of the lake was better in the winter than on this other side because they were warmer and drier, without as much wind and snow. We arrived in the town at a busy peak and parking was scarce. We found an alley space and cut through the block to get to the favorite local restaurant named “Show Thyme.” This place was next to the local (and very active) theatre, and this evening we had to slowly make our way through the theatre patrons standing out front enjoying the pleasant weather and each other’s company before going in to the show. We were glad that Judy had called earlier for reservations. They were obviously necessary for every table was full. The food was delicious with unusual combinations of fish, chicken and sauces and vegetables. What was new for me was the delicious huckleberry ice cream. It was huckleberry season and there were a lot of huckleberries this year everywhere. Judy and Tom said there were not so many bears descending on the towns looking for fruit! I was stuffed but I slept well enough.

Next; Part b; North Montana



Part B: Journey to Glacier and the Birthday Bash


Sunday, we mobilized as soon as I could get myself together and headed north to Glacier Park, the only national park shared by both the US and Canada. On the way we stopped at a cute roadside stand and bought a bunch of huckleberries. It was a long but pleasant drive through higher and higher woodlands. The first stop inside the park was Lake McDonald, where we took pictures and saw the locals. Then Tom drove us through the long and winding uphill road along higher mountain after higher mountain as we ooohed and aaaahhd to the breathtaking scale of the vistas. We eventually arrived at a peak where there was a pavilion with rest rooms, views, gift shop, and trailheads. The air was fresh and cold. I stood in the sun for warmth watching a ground squirrel stealing a piece of food. This little rodent was flat and snub-nosed. None of us wanted to hike the weather-exposed trailheads there above the timberline, and Judy and Tom were not going to hike at all. But they knew a great trail part of the way back down where we could hike and meanwhile they would go to the lodge and have coffee and some food. A great solution for both couples! So we got in the car and headed back. On the way back down, we saw a mountain goat leaning over the road with a funny smirk on its face.

Judy and Tom dropped Daniel and me off at the trailhead and sped away. The two of us worked our way up a trail alongside a sparkling and rushing mountain stream. We noticed that all the people we passed were people we would enjoy knowing. This had not happened in the eastern part of the country. So we concluded that perhaps Western people looked different from Eastern people. And we identified with the image presented by the Westerners more than the Easterners. Are we going to move out west? Who knows? Not us, at least not yet. We enjoyed playing dryad in several trees (see Daniel below). When we were done, we waited by the road watching the steady procession of park-goers until Judy and Tom returned and picked us up.

Now it was time to get to the next event on our busy agenda! Tom kept the pedal to the metal to get us back in time for James’ Birthday Party. The four of us arrived in plenty of time for the party, helped set the table and chatted with the others coming in. After awhile we had at least a dozen people there. When all the food was ready, we managed to squeeze all of us around the big table and had a feast. When the dinner was over and Starr’s special desert was finished, James opened his presents. Then the conversation grew naturally quieter. Suddenly Starr turned to me and said loudly in her high voice (the way she always says things) “Ginger? Are you willing to channel tonight?” There she went again! “Yes,” I said, and soon everyone that stayed had gathered in the living room area on the sofas, floor, chairs etc. with me sitting in the middle in front and next to the big fireplace. I held the crystal I’d given James for his birthday as my channeling crystal.

Starr asked James if he was willing to be the subject of the channeling as it was his birthday. Poor dear, he had no idea what Galexis was like and said “sure!” with hesitant enthusiasm. After all, he was Starr’s apprentice and pretty much went along with Starr’s agenda for him. Then I went into trance and Galexis, as always with the first time for a new person, right away asked for James’ birth month, day and year as well as the city of birth. They then went into some of their perspectives. I don’t remember anything in detail of course, but what happened was that Galexis went really deep into the type of issues that most people would probably prefer to keep private! James bore it well and kept a straight face as Galexis told him that he needed to have more fun and not be so serious! It evidently went over well with Starr.  Daniel told me later that she sat on the floor with her back up against Art sitting on a chair nodding her agreement with almost every comment from Galexis. After the channeling, Starr told me she’d taken away our traffic delays and my constipation and moved the resistances to “stinking and sweating” (so watch out everyone!) Geez, where does she get her ideas?


The Channeling Test

Monday was channel and laundry day, usually humdrum. But this day was different. At the break, as I was fussing over my clothes as usual, Daniel told me that one of the Galexis friends who had an appointment would like for Galexis to speak to his group of friends. Would I be willing? “Sure,” I said. Daniel was smiling. “And one of the friends is Jach Pursel,” he said. “What???” I asked, shocked. “You’re kidding!” Jach Pursel is the trance channel for Lazaris, who is probably the most amazing channeled entity on the planet as far as I’m concerned. I’ve gone to many many Lazaris workshops since 1980 and I consider Jach to be the top channeler! Me, channel for him? It never occurred to me that I would experience this kind of “test” this early in my channeling career. After all, I have kept my channeling low-key and all my clients came to me via word-of-mouth. Jach was the big time! I panted and wheezed until I got a grip. Something like this had to happen sometime, I guess. Was this a sign that Galexis and I were going to get well known? Or maybe be dismissed as not so interesting after all. Or was I simply making way too much out of this. It’s like being a player in the minor leagues and then suddenly playing with the top ranking person in the world – quite a shift! I was tense, but decided, “yes, I’ll do it.” Please Galexis, I asked silently, do a good job.

The moment of truth came that evening and Galexis did and said their thing. It wasn’t until the next day, Tuesday, that I had any idea whether it was a success, a so-so or a flop. One person who had attended emailed Daniel about a Galexis appointment and mentioned “a nice reading to the group last night.” Okay, Galexis and I definitely weren’t a flop. Yea! Tuesday afternoon, I channeled sessions for both Judy and Tom, and Galexis did some energy healing on Tom. It was deep stuff and very powerfully intense. It seemed they enjoyed their readings and were surprised and pleased at the gift.


Visit to the Healer
When the readings were over, Daniel and I immediately headed out in Aylar towards Kalispell and north from there to Eureka. Finally we were going to visit healer Jim MacKimmie and Andrea. We easily drove through beautiful countryside with forests and lakes, and with virtually no one else on the road. Eventually the landscape began looking more barren like the very cold place it was. Civilization became sparser and sparser. We saw fewer trees and small towns, until the landscape was more dead-grass hills with a few greenish trees and shrubs on them. In the dips and valley between hills, there were nestled pockets of trees and bushes - like arm pit hair for an earth goddess? Past Eureka, we turned into a neighborhood of these dead-grass hills and into a long driveway that curved around the hill until we came upon a secret and totally quiet place where Jim and Andrea lived. Few sites on the planet are totally quiet but this was one of them. No sounds of people at all, only the gentle sound of wind in the bushes and the grasses. No airplanes, no traffic, nothing! Wow! The land definitely had its beauty, although lacking of the necessary trees and shrubs for my taste.

After the previous person left, Andrea escorted us inside to a big room filled with books, mementos, furniture, and papers. On one side was the kitchen and next to it a sitting area. Sections of the large room were divided by bookshelves and furniture. We were evidently meeting in the “library” section of the room. We lay down one at a time on the massage table there in the middle of the space. When it was my turn, I relaxed and asked my spirit helpers for the maximum healing I could receive. Jim moved his hands around over my whole body, following the energy. Here and there, he’d gently massage an area that called to him and talk about it. I asked if it was okay to suggest a place I’d like a focus upon. “Sure” he said. So I requested work on my liver as I’d discovered that liver toxicity was the critical factor for my quality and depth of sleep. And on my brain with all the nervous system “fry” stuff.

He smiled and then laughed as he worked on my brain and liver. “You are very healthy except for a couple of things and they are all over the place!” I wanted to know more. Jim commented that my nervous system had a lot of “tangles” in it. And my hormones and liver had some stuff too. Again and again he commented on how I was terribly allergic to milk products. Then he pronounced me “long lived” and wasn’t surprised when I groaned “oh no.” Evidently he had had other patients who were in pain and understandably unhappy at being on the physical plane. He didn’t answer my comment right away, but as he grounded me by holding my feet and moving energy through them, he replied that he had a message for me from a guide. “Have patience; things will come.”  I sighed. Yes, more patience required!

Jim nailed an issue I had with my head and my low blood pressure. He said that the circulation into my head was okay but not out of my head. That explained why my face gets beet red when I exercise vigorously and get hot, such as when I play tennis. He was pleased with my legs. “You have great legs,” he said twice. I replied sarcastically, “as long as my hips and sacrum work!” He ignored the comment. Later, when Daniel was on the table, he mentioned how good and strong Daniel’s legs were too. Overall, Daniel was very healthy. Both of us felt really good by the end of the session.

Jim told us that we had several muscle groups that needed some exercise and strengthening. We agreed and shared with him just how lazy about exercise we really are. So he recommended a book to build any muscle group in the body with low impact and stress. The book “Look Better, Feel Better” was by a German or Dutch fellow named Mensendieck and was no longer published. He showed me a copy of the book, ring-bound. It addressed the weak abdominal muscles I’ve had since seemingly forever and which are normal for someone with a lumbar spinal curvature. Jim said that many people using these techniques completely eliminated their spinal curvatures. “You got a deal,” I said enthusiastically. Besides the book, we bought a bag of his volcanic dust that he said ended constipation. I could sure use that, despite what Starr had said. Finally, we bought an autographed copy of his book “Presence of Angels.” Loaded down with new goodies and feeling great, we sailed back home to our RV. Both of us had reveled in the total quiet and undisturbed energies of his place. This was something we desired to have access to, wherever we moved. Although we both realized that we were unwilling to live in a cold and remote place like this to get the quietness.


The Last Day (and the Last Supper)

Wednesday was another busy day at the same pace as the previous days. I channeled until about 3:30 pm and then Daniel drove me over to Mary Lyn’s and I gave her a Galexis reading at the request of Starr. Like James, I saw myself as Starr’s student after having taken the intensive with her. After that, Daniel gave Mary Lyn an energy healing on the issues Galexis had demarcated. She felt very different when she emerged from our 1 – 2 punch! Looked different too! This 1 – 2 punch stuff really works! From there, we rushed back so that Daniel could cook the trout and other stuff as a treat to our hosts before I had to channel my night appointments. Daniel impressed them with his ability to cook fish just right, like the very top restaurant chefs do. The trout was tender and flaky, juicy and delicious. So we had a major feast once again. Judy and Tom were delighted to learn that Daniel had been a professional chef at one point, even owning his own catering business.

But there was one glitch with the time. Even though I didn’t have to gulp anything down because we had just enough time for dinner, we hadn’t yet had dessert. Judy was baking one of her famous huckleberry pies throughout our dinner. It was just done and still piping hot when she pulled it out of the oven at 7 minutes before my appointment time. I cut a small steaming piece and broke it up into cobbler and blew fiercely on it so I could have some before my appointment. The others would eat the pie more leisurely after letting it cool off a little. Unfortunately, I couldn’t eat it after my readings because it would be too late and the sweet stuff could get my liver upset and then voila, insomnia. It’s a bummer having hypoglycemia! And sometimes it’s hard leaving a fun meal with great folks and wonderful conversations to go attend to my appointments. But then, the Galexis work is part of my contribution to the planet and why I’m here. Gotta prioritize things correctly, yes?

That night I was tired, too tired to think of sneaking into the back refrigerator and stealing a piece of pie to take with me on the road the next day. The week had been a whirlwind. I didn’t know when I’d ever had done so much in such a short period of time. Where was all that rest and relaxation Daniel and I thought we were going to have? We had kept asking this question in amazement throughout our trip and we were still asking it. Oh well, we were having fun! It had been a grand stay and a great pleasure to be with such fun people. In the words of Gary Douglas, Access founder and trainer, “how does it get any better than this?”