PART 1: We Get on the Road
PART 2: Hot Springs, Arkansas
PART 3: Adventures with Starr
PART 4: The Tennessee Loop
PART 5: The Intensive with Starr
PART 6: The Way to North Carolina
PART 7: The NorthEast Loop
PART 8: Washington D.C.

PART 9: Movin' West to Columbus
PART 10: We Cross the Great Plains
PART 11: Montana Adventures

PART 12: Oregon
PART 13: Northern California

PART 14: Central California Adventures
PART 15: Southern California Adventures
PART 16: The Return

Part Fifteen; Southern California Adventures

Leaving Nancy’s

Wednesday, we packed to go. The crystals were still sitting on the porch but no longer sparkling. Ash from the fires southwest of us covered them. Daniel dusted them off and packed them carefully away. Lady Blue knew. She had enjoyed all the healing that I and Daniel had given her and was already in distress over our leaving. She paced about and whined nervously. Daniel and I and Nancy had a pleasant breakfast social hour and then it was really time to go. Nancy and I hugged our last hugs. As we got into the truck, Blue was calling, barking “no! no! no!” I could feel it in her voice. We drove the RV slowly down the incline (a lot more easily than going up it!) and then I remembered something.

I got out of the car and came back up the stairs. Lady Blue was ecstatic. Her request had worked! She danced around in happy circles and I petted her once again. Then I looked deeply into her eyes and told her that I loved her but I was leaving. I would return and would she please be a good companion to Nancy and not take on any more burdens of others so she could be healthy for Nancy (she had a heartworm problem and other issues). Blue sobered up. Her request hadn’t worked after all. Saddened, she remained quietly in the house as I descended the stairs and returned to the truck. Parting can be such sweet sorrow, right?


The Breakdown

We headed back, out of the wineries and horse farms, onto the freeway south. We repeated our pathway to Santa Barbara, but we passed through the city and turned west, heading towards L.A. on 101, north of the Santa Monica Mountains. There were very few places with steep grades to challenge the RV and I was grateful for that. The roads were concrete slabs and we were getting jostled and bumped continuously. I was looking forward to arriving at our destination where the vibration would finally end. The traffic picked up as we came into the city around the beginning of rush hour.

Suddenly, traffic braked ahead of us and Daniel had to brake at our maximum. It produced a very loud grating noise and the RV shuddered to a stop. “What the hell was THAT?” we wondered – was it us or the road? Then, as we began moving forward again, and braked again, the awful noise continued. We realized that we’d have to pull over, but in the middle of a busy, jammed freeway, where could we go? We put on our flashing lights and proceeded slowly so as to brake as little as possible. Soon there was an entry ramp on our right with an island between the freeway and the ramp. We pulled over there and just barely made it within the elongated triangle. Now, we were in a city, so we assumed that our Sprint Road Service would work. But they couldn’t or wouldn’t get anyone to tow anything as big and heavy as our truck and RV together (56 feet long!). Meanwhile, some police stopped behind us. “Yay, some help,” I thought. But they left without speaking to us. What was that about? Daniel finally found a towing place that could tow us for around $500, the price being calculated from the moment they left the shop to towing us, to the moment they returned. Since it was rush hour, who knows how long it’d take to get to us? We sat there, asking for help.

Then Daniel remembered seeing an automotive shop a short distance back on our right. When the oncoming traffic abated a little, we slowly edged out into the on-ramp, and then continued on the lane that became an off-ramp. As long as he didn’t brake, the RV moved okay. So we exited the freeway at around 10 miles an hour and got on the service road parallel to the highway. The auto shop was actually a VW dealership, so they couldn’t take a look at our truck. However, they knew a Chevy dealer only a mile or two up the road. So we slowly made our way there. We turned too soon, into the used car lot, and not into the service area, so we had to do a lot of backing up and turning, never an easy thing. And here, it was hard for Daniel to see where he was going, and he was getting agitated and hollering at me, thinking that I wasn’t guiding him correctly and that it was impossible to do this and we were stuck forever. However, I saw that he had plenty of room and so I quietly waited for the energy release to blow over. We made it back out into the street and parked on the street while we went into the service area. They could look at the truck, they said, but they didn’t have the equipment to lift it if they needed to look under it. Darn! We were going to have to go to another dealer several miles away who had a big enough car lift.

So we got the directions and thanked the guy. Returning to the RV, I noticed a sticker on the back of the RV. The police had left their calling card, stating that we were now marked and couldn’t spend much longer in the spot or else… what? What a great help they were! Haha We slowly pulled back into the street and continued on side streets where we could go slowly. The lighter we braked, the less horrible the sound. After a half hour of going east through infinite small valley neighborhoods, we were so tired that we decided to turn south and go to the Howell’s place first. Then Daniel would only have to drive the truck to the shop the next day, which would be much easier on the brakes. We got onto Sepulveda, the major north south road paralleling I-405 and headed south towards west L.A. With slow going, we finally limped up the canyon hill and reached our destination. By now it was 9 p.m. and we were hungry, not having had any dinner – only some snacks we carried with us in the truck.

Trisha met us and we negotiated the RV into the space in front of the house on the street. Two of the three slides came out, the ones house-side; Daniel’s and the living/dining area. My slide remained closed, as I packed my stuff to take inside and stay inside the house. We finally ate some of their leftovers – yummy, since Trisha is a great cook. Dean was there and I was surprised to see him, as I thought he’d still be away. He had decided to stay home during his break to rest and prepare for South America, so we were pleased. His two sons Derek and Brandon were staying with him and we got a tour of the house. We were followed around by Trisha’s two tiny Pekinese dogs. Derek definitely had the best spot in the house. In an interesting bachelor-style décor, Derek had covered his windows with black drapes so that he could sleep in non-distracting darkness any time of day. I noted that, as it may be useful for my room sometime. It didn’t look as depressing as I had thought it would.


Atlas Profilax

The next morning, I awoke in perfect temperature on a glorious day that later became gently moody with a few clouds. Daniel took the truck to the shop and I channeled for both Trisha and Dean. Then Dean gave me another NCR treatment. Yes! (I mentioned this in the last travelogue. To remember about this and get more info, see http://www.drdeanhowell.com). Daniel was returned by someone from the dealership with the news that the truck had a faulty bearing in the front right wheel. Not only would the dealership fix that, but the technicians would flush the transmission, brake, and steering fluids. Aylar was getting a major overhaul on this trip! So we were without transportation. Until the truck came out of the shop, Trisha offered us her Prius to drive.

In the early afternoon, Michael Hane showed up. He was the Atlas Profilax practitioner I had been coordinating with for days. Although he had been living in the L.A. area, he had just moved with his wife and young child further north near Lake Tahoe. Michael was handsome and thin, and looked very young. I wondered immediately how he would fare with Trisha and Dean there, both seasoned veterans and authorities of alternative healing. Although Michael looked a little shy, he held his own. Dean and Trisha invited him to work in their treatment room, an in-laws quarter-cottage in the back yard. Trisha’s mom was arriving soon and would stay there until she and Trisha left for Hot Springs, Arkansas (this town is showing up again!) to visit her sister, Trisha’s aunt Trisha. We had already realized that on the way back, we could possibly visit her and her aunt in Hot Springs! How amazing was that?

Anyway, back to Michael, who discussed the Atlas Profilax method with us. It consists of correctly and permanently positioning one’s atlas vertebra. He calls it an “installation.” You see, the atlas bone sits at the top of the neck and just under the skull. Two bony protrusions of the skull fit into two spaces, one on each side of the atlas bone and part of the bone, anchoring the head and neck together in balance and flexibility. Virtually everyone has an atlas bone that is twisted or torqued, rising higher or forward on one side. Since the atlas bone can critically influence the flow of energy, cerebral spinal fluid and also blood into the head, a twisted atlas can create chronic structural and circulatory problems. Michael tested each one of us in turn to determine what our atlas was doing, how it was placed and how it moved when our heads were turned. If the atlas is out, then one leg is shorter than the other.

When it was my turn, Michael correctly identified my atlas as being high and forward on my left, the most common pattern (finally, I have the most common pattern instead of some anomaly!) Then he grabbed my head and held it tightly. Holding a special tool that resembled a miniature jackhammer, he pressed the tool hard into the holding ligaments and muscles around my atlas. How intense! Yow! For such a gentle, soft-spoken man, he had muscles of iron!

After Michael worked on me and Daniel with Trisha and Dean watching, they decided to have it done too. After they experienced it, they called in Dean’s sons who got AP too. Trisha’s didn’t complete somehow even after four tries, and Michael supposed it was because of her head injury in an accident. But whenever another person got the treatment and the atlas slipped into its installed balanced place, an energy wave released through the room. Woo! That was cool. Daniel’s face was flushed and he was feeling more circulation in his head. He looked good, since he had been a bit pasty pale before. I felt a release, but not much, so Michael had to work on me 4 times with his drill before it felt right. For further information on Atlas Profilax, check out the pictures with additional information on the atlas and the Atlas Profilax method: http://www.atlasprofilaxusa.com.  Also, hear the interview with Michael Hane about the Atlas Profilax method on the web at http://www.consciousmedianetwork.com/home.htm.

After we were all high on the released energy and feeling freer, Dean rolled in his Vibe Machine. This is pretty indescribable, but it looked like a metal rounded box with sticks or tubes coming out of the top part rising several inches. A clear picture is featured on the website (see below). When Dean plugged it in, the tubes lit up with various colored lights. It seems that the different frequencies emitted by the lights had an effect on the body to help the cells align properly and create balance. If you looked at it, the light would go into your pineal gland and do some resetting, so I took off my glasses. We moved around the room to get closer to different frequencies. I didn’t feel anything right away, but then Dean said that the first few times, it may just initiate a detox of the individual. Oh great! More detoxing! Of course, I could always use more cleansing of my lymph system. For more info on the Vibe Machine, check out http://www.vibe-machine.com/articles.html.

Trisha’s mom Frances arrived with her Pekinese and joined us. After the Vibe party, Michael Hane left, as Frances didn’t want the AP treatment. We all then put together dinner with lots of fixing’s that Trisha had in the well-stocked refrigerator. It had been a long time since I had eaten at a family dinner, so I found it fun to watch the interplay and dynamics between everyone. The overall spirit was warm and engaging, and we talked about many interesting topics. Then we all cleaned up some and eventually headed for bed.

Friday morning early, I woke up to the sound of plastic being rattled and Frances walking around muttering. Trisha told me she was a fussbudget, but so early in the day? Geez, I was tired and hadn’t had enough sleep. Eventually, I had to get up and start my day. Frances was already vacuuming the house, muttering how there was so much to do. When I took my shower, she accosted me “didn’t you see that I was vacuuming?” “Yes,” I said, puzzled. “Why?” Now your bathroom is wet and I can’t vacuum in there. I was surprised, because my housekeeper never vacuumed in my bathroom, but used a mop instead. Now I had gotten on Frances’ nerves. At least I had used the bathroom I was supposed to. The bathroom next to my guest bedroom was Derek’s, even though he was upstairs and the bathroom was downstairs. He had to put a sign on the door “Private; no admittance.”



This evening was the Bashar workshop, a question and answer session. Since we didn’t have any transportation and neither Trisha nor Dean wanted to go – they were so busy preparing for the trip and other things – we took Trish’s Prius. The Prius is a car that charges the battery as you drive (and interestingly enough, as you brake!) and when you drive under about 30 miles an hour around the neighborhood, you use only the electric motor that is virtually silent. Only when you need more speed on the highway than the electric motor can provide will the car switch over to a gas motor (which also charges the electric battery). So for the first small streets and short stretches, the Prius was virtually silent. That was a pleasure after being in the noisy truck. Bashar’s event wasn’t that far away, but as usual the traffic was very congested. We arrived at the hotel just a little late, but Bashar had not started. We scurried into the room and found a space. There were approximately 60 people sitting in various places around the room and a couple of people with a professional camera seated in the center-center.

Darryl came in and sat on a stool on the well-lit stage and introduced himself and shared a little. Then he went into trance. A lot of strange head movements and gestures and breathing later, suddenly a very loud fierce voice broke through and tumbled quickly out “and a good evening to you!” Bashar was in. He sounded almost military in his presentation and spoke loudly. He radiated a fierce joy, obviously enjoying himself. Bashar claims to be an ET – the result of a successful hybrid between humans and ETs on another planet in a culture of the future. After a short eloquent talk on being powerful and claiming one’s own light (so what else is new? Ha!), he opened up the workshop to questions. People filed into the seats of the front row. The first person was given a microphone and the questions and answers began. The questions were good ones, and Bashar was eloquent in answering them. More precise and eloquent than Galexis, I thought, although Galexis is getting much better. And the answers were probably similar to what Galexis would give. When the person holding the mike was done, he or she would hand the mike to the person on the left and get up and leave. Then everyone waiting in the seats would get up and move over one, and the next question would begin. The line extended beyond the front row seats along the side of the room. Through the evening, Bashar actually got to quite a few people with their questions and the info was satisfying to us all.

When the event had ended, Daniel and I went up front and met Darryl. I told Darryl that I channeled too and how did he handle all the time channeling? He said that it was getting better, as he was channeling individual sessions less and holding more workshops. In fact, we had attended the last L.A. workshop in which there were Q & A’s. From now on, it’s an enrollment in a series of workshops. He was definitely years ahead of me in this. Also, he mentioned that he was left with more energy after Bashar had been talking, and I could see that. We said goodbye and left, walking around tables with Bashar CD’s for sale on them. Most of the CD’s were Q & A evenings, so no specific topic. He had certainly done a lot of them dating back many years. For more information on Bashar, check out http://bashar.org/home.html. Click on pictures from the April 2006 workshop, and then “more pictures” below that, and you’ll find Kirby and his crystals in a few of them! We returned back in the Prius. It was such a pleasure to drive that we may get one ourselves whenever we settle somewhere.


The Crazy Day

Saturday was a busy day. Both Trisha and her mom were leaving for Arkansas shortly after dinner and Dean and Derek (as his assistant) were leaving for South America late in the evening. We would stay in the house with Brandon. Before they could go, Daniel and I were going to do a process for Trisha to prepare her for an appointment she had made with Starr. In fact, after telling Trisha about Starr, she enrolled in a workshop being taught by Selena, Starr’s protégé in Hot Springs during the time of her visit. Selena taught a metaphysical and energy approach to beauty. Trisha also arranged to have a private healing session with Starr for a personal health issue. Our preparation for her was a pull on her affected area and a clearing of her issues there to allow Starr’s work to go deeper. I hoped we were going to have time with all the hubbub going on. Frances was cleaning as usual and Trisha was packing and getting distracted by her mother’s worries. Finally, Trisha was packed enough for us to work on her. She lay on her bed with Daniel on one side and me on the other. We pulled out lots of old emotional and past life issues and she let it go. As soon as she was done, it was time for dinner. She was glowing. After dinner, she and her mom and all the dogs packed the car and left for a concert. A friend of Trisha’s was going to propose to his girlfriend at the intermission and Trisha definitely stretched time to make it there. After the concert, she and her mom would head to the airport.

Somewhere within this melee, Dean gave me a final NCR treatment and sold us a couple of bottles of a great product that enhances adult stem cell production. He told us that his dad, also a doctor, took the product for 3 weeks and it healed an amazingly stubborn long-term condition he had. Dean explained it as being able to take care of the less urgent repair jobs – the chronic underlying stuff. Our bodies, he said, tend to prioritize the urgent survival issues. If we aren’t repairing as well as we should, all the rest of the body’s problems (such as previous urgent situations that are not quite as urgent any longer) get put “on hold.” So only number one gets taken care of. The rest become chronic. Hey, that’s what happened to me, I thought. This is just what I needed! I was a walking example of chronic conditions that I couldn’t catch up on. (In the time since we have returned from our trip and taken the product, both Daniel and I have lost our old age “liver” spots and my blood sugar is stabilizing. So I know it’s working!) If you want more information on the product, go to http://www.visionary.stemenhance.com/ and click on “products” and then for more, click on “for more information.” If you wish to learn more about my/our experience, email me. Since StemEnhance is only available through the multi-level marketing company StemTech, it is cheaper to become a distributor than to purchase the product wholesale. That’s what we did, and this link (above) is the website we got when we enrolled.

The house was quieter without Frances and the three dogs, and Dean and Derek were finishing up their packing in their rooms. But late in the evening, the two of them piled stuff in a car and headed off to the airport. Brandon was away until much later. Now it was midnight and I had the house to myself, Daniel having already left for the RV. As I settled into my snuggly bed, I suddenly heard the toilet flush upstairs in Trish and Dean’s bedroom. I bolted awake. Who could THAT be? Since I was the only one (I thought) in the house, I felt it was up to me to check out the situation. I was nervous, but I didn’t think a burglar would flush the toilet. So I got up and got dressed and made it quietly up the steps to the bedroom. I listened. There were voices inside.

I knocked, and the door opened. A strange fellow stood there. Behind him was a very pregnant woman. I asked, “Who are you?” They introduced themselves and said that Trisha had invited them to stay in her bedroom since it was very close to the concert site and they lived some long distance away. Then I realized that the fellow and his girlfriend Trisha had gone to see were these two! She had accepted his offer and they were now officially engaged. I congratulated them. However, they didn’t know yet whether they would stay or not because she was having some difficulty and didn’t have access to all her resources back home. Since I was very tired now and my sleep herbs had kicked in for a while now, I wanted to go back to sleep undisturbed. So I said that it was fine with me whichever they did, but as I wanted to sleep, and as I was a light sleeper, could they decide soon? Sure, they agreed. I wished them well and went back to bed. Shortly afterwards, I heard them go down the stairs and out the front door. Finally, I could sleep.


The Healing Day

Sunday morning was deliciously quiet in the morning and I luxuriated in bed. Today was our day with Baratta, another channeled entity, and his channel Dale. Dale and Tysa lived in one of the Malibu canyons. It was remote and very quiet – a wonderful place. The only downside was that it was very far away from civilization, for it takes a lot of time to wind around all those curves in the canyon roads. The place was beautiful and I took pictures of the colorful plants in their yard and through the canyon. Then we went inside and Dale and I retired to the consultation room with Daniel. Tysa was writing.

Dale went into trance and I talked with the entity Baratta in a private session format. Baratta is very gentle, caring and kind. I didn’t have any real questions, so after my few questions were addressed, I invited Daniel to ask questions too. Then, after a short break, I returned to the consultation room and lay on the massage table. Dale went into trance and Baratta did energy healing on me. This was very deep and soothing – just what I wanted! While I was with Baratta, Daniel and Tysa were enjoying each other’s company. Tysa had expressed delight in meeting another channel’s spouse and sharing the commonalities there. She was working on a screenplay (seems everyone I met in L.A. was working on a screenplay or another media concept).

Afterwards, Dale and Tysa joined us in their car and Dale drove us to a small restaurant they liked nearby. “Nearby” was about a 25 minute trip through uninhabited wilderness, then descending into a small town on the north side of the mountains there. We had another one of those magician dinners where we shared energy and stories and laughed a lot. Dale had been a little reserved – perhaps that was his channeling persona, but here he loosened up and we all felt a pleasant warm freedom in our exchanges. Daniel and I expressed how much we enjoyed the canyons and we decided that we would look at them more. We returned by going north to 101 and returning via the freeways. What a difference from the seashore and canyon drive we had done on the way to Dale and Tysa’s! Back at Trisha and Dean’s place, we decided to stretch our legs and walked the loop up around St Mary’s college, across the street from the house,in the top of the canyon. As I lay in bed at night, I heard coyotes howling. The neighborhood dogs took up the baying and so much noise echoed in the canyon. I smiled. It was good to have nature around. The coyotes must live in the nature preserve that had an entrance at the very top of the street.

I woke up Monday just before dawn. It was raining! And just outside my window was the chute from the roof, so lots of rain was pouring down the metal chute, hitting the metal at the bottom and echoing throughout. What a clatter! Again I had to laugh. I have found another creative way to interrupt my sleep! I was even able to make it rain a month early in L.A. (the rainy season normally starts in latter October, almost a month away)! Monday was my workday. I channeled and did laundry, finding that the roof leaked in the laundry room, creating a big puddle we had to walk around each time we went in there. We left in the Prius and shopped at the closest Whole Foods, although there were several within a short radius. We bought supplies for our trip back, starting Wednesday. We got enough to last until the stop at the Wild Oats in Little Rock.

Tuesday, I had a session with Jackie and her ET’s. This was the second one I was able to get during the whole trip (the first being in Oregon at Holly’s). Before the trip, I was getting one every two weeks or so, so I had missed them. The session was good and deep as usual. (To check out the ET Healings if you haven’t already done so, see http://www.ethealing.com). Afterwards, Daniel returned with the truck, so we rode around in it, celebrating getting our wheels again. However, there was a funny scraping noise that bothered me. Driving very slowly, Daniel was able to hear it too. So we drove back to the dealership, which fortunately wasn’t that far away. We told the technician about it and he jumped in the truck with us and instructed us to drive through an alley. It seemed that this alley echoed all the noises a vehicle made and was their “diagnostic” alley. The tire rim noises were very loud. “Oh, that’s nothing,” he said, confidently. “Just the wheel covers. This is common. They almost always do this for a while and then the sound will go away. There’s no harm to anything.” Okay if you say so.



So we felt confident to head west towards the canyons of Malibu. We used Trisha’s detailed map of L.A. and surrounding area to find all the entrances along the beach drive into the canyons. Here were some very exclusive homes! A sign on one said “Reduced to $3 million – a steal!” As far as CA real estate went, it was indeed a good buy, situated with the best privacy and view of this canyon. But how could we qualify for a mortgage that huge? Some of the canyons were very twisty and soon I began to feel queasy and my neck hurt. Las Flores was the worst. I was tired now. My nerves were shot. There was one canyon we did enjoy, however, but now I don’t remember the name of it since we returned the map to Trisha’s car and didn’t write the name down. We followed it north to the major access road, N9 and back south down another canyon. We saw many Space Poles, so there was a lot of building about to be done. In California, before you build on a site that could interrupt someone else’s view, you had to erect poles that showed just how high the house would be and where. Then neighbors above the site could complain or negotiate the building plans before construction began. In between some canyons, we saw an RV park high on the hill overlooking the ocean. We drove up there. Maybe we will be able to stay a month there (the maximum stay) as we travel about looking at possible places to live? Galexis seemed to think it was a good idea. Okay, I thought, I’ll think about that once we return to Florida. Will we still be impressed with these canyons where we are at a distance from them and in the whole other world that is South Florida?

Here’s a view of Malibu.

I was exhausted by the time we returned, although the sunset was beautiful over the mountains. This evening, the weather was wonderful and we walked the loop through St. Mary’s College the other direction. This loop gave me a lot of opportunity to walk uphill and strengthen my legs and somehow the exhaustion disappeared. All through the trip, my legs had been hollering at me “walk uphill!” And when I did, they would say “Yay, great! All RIGHT!” I had gotten into shape with all the walking and the hills and mountains. How was it going to be back in Florida, which is flat, flat, flat? L.A. had been simply great! Many thanks to the wonderful hospitality that Trisha and Dean offered us! We packed all we could for the next day and slept deeply.