PART 1: We Get on the Road
PART 2: Hot Springs, Arkansas
PART 3: Adventures with Starr
PART 4: The Tennessee Loop
PART 5: The Intensive with Starr
PART 6: The Way to North Carolina
PART 7: The NorthEast Loop

PART 8: Washington D.C.

PART 9: Movin' West to Columbus
PART 10: We Cross the Great Plains
PART 11: Montana Adventures

PART 12: Oregon
PART 13: Northern California
PART 14: Central California Adventures

PART 15: Southern California Adventures

PART 16: The Return

Part One; We get on the road

A Game of Catch-Up

First, to catch you up to date, just in case you didn’t get our update earlier; Daniel and I sold our home of 13 years on a beautiful acre in Plantation and at the end of April 2006 moved into our 1 bedroom condo to prepare to go onto the road in our big Chevy truck pulling our 40 foot Fifth Wheel RV (Recreational Vehicle).

We got both the truck and the RV under marvelously synchronistic (or rather “magical”) circumstances. Upon attending an RV show, we found one with the right floor plan. A new 2006 model, it was very expensive and still reeked of formaldehyde and other “new” smells. We check out trucks that could drive such a big RV and found the most comfortable 4 Wheel Drive 1 ton truck was the Chevy Eldorado. None were in stock in South Florida and ordering them would have meant a 6 week wait. So Daniel went onto the internet and found both the truck we wanted and the RV (used!) in Texas. He flew to Fort Worth Texas and bought the truck. He drove the truck to Houston and bought the RV and drove them back in one weekend.

This type of magic is something we have felt from the very beginning of this adventure when we made the decision to go for it. We feel that our plans are actively supported by our team of spirit friends, guardian angels et al as if this trip is a powerful piece of both our individual destinies. We are feeling that it is time to go find our place in the world, to find  a new living site, a new life or Destiny. Or maybe it was just the famous “call of the road.” Whatever it is, there is a sense of a divine hand in all of this. Perhaps it was because we were in a rut and needed to activate ourselves. Perhaps there is something ahead of us on the road that will be a significant milestone in our lives. We will see it when it is time.


The Impetus

We decided that we needed to have a destination with a deadline to start our trip. We knew that if we didn’t have a deadline, it might take a while to get our butts moving out of the cozy condo and onto the road. Starr Fuentes, noted curandera (shamanic healer in a traditional lineage) and fabulous spiritual energy teacher, was having her annual Light Language conference in Hot Springs, Arkansas. That was just perfect. To get there in time for the Conference meant we had to leave by Sunday the 21st at the latest so that we wouldn’t be too stressed with long daily drives. We chose to drive to Hot Springs Arkansas in 4 days.

To make it a “solid” commitment, we called to register for the Conference. To my surprise, Starr picked up the phone. When she realized that we weren’t Light Language students, she asked immediately what I did. “Channeling” I said. Starr was silent for awhile on the phone as she “read” me energetically. “I don’t have any channeling in the Conference. How would you like to channel there?” I laughingly asked “how do you know that you want to hear my channeling, as you don’t know me from Adam.” She replied “I can read [both of] your energies and I make good decisions from that.” She offered me the chance to put out materials about Galexis (the entity group I channel) and maybe I could get some private readings there.

Now, being booked far in advance and having people on the Galexis waiting list for months, I wasn’t sure I wanted more business. I told her this and she was quiet a moment. “I don’t know how I’m going to get you into the conference because as a rule, only Light Language practitioners can do any presentation at the Light Language Conference. I want to break my own rule but I can’t. But I’ll see what I can do.”

Frankly, I’ve never called up anyone to give him or her my money, and was offered support and sponsorship instead, even before he or she had heard me. This was obviously more magic at work! If I ever needed a sign that this was Destiny, here it was. I felt almost “pushed” into success – a weird and unusual feeling.


The Preparation

Now that we had our date, we still had much to do before we could leave Broward County. I couldn’t spend time wondering about this potential good fortune. We had to focus on getting the RV and our 1-ton “dually” (so named for the pair of back wheels) Chevy truck ready, packing and paring down our stuff to fit into the RV.

We put in air-cushion shocks in both the truck and the RV hitch for a smoother ride on various roads. Also, we had a center-point suspension system put into the RV so it wouldn’t jostle us when we went over the uneven country roads we planned to explore. We installed a satellite dish and antenna so we could send and receive info over the net from any location. We put all our many music CD’s (about 650) into 12 “wallets” and put a fancy new media player in the truck. All this got done at the last moment. In fact, we had to delay our departure a day in order to get it all in. Daniel went driving around all over Broward towing the RV to get it all into our schedule. It was a very intense period for him and he was seldom all day at the condo.

I also had to go through a lot of intense preparation. I had just downsized my possessions from the 2800 square foot house to a 700 square foot condo and then I had to downsize again to less than half of that to fit into the RV. I have always had a difficulty making decisions and dealing with details. Maybe this comes from being so ungrounded by nature. Nevertheless, packing for a 6 month trip was a new level of difficulty when the longest I’d ever traveled before had been for a two week stretch. I was so afraid that I would forget something important and regret it on the road that I spent tremendous amounts of time going over clothes, supplies, etc. thoroughly.

If that wasn’t stressful enough for me, this whole project was becoming a journey of dealing with smells. Since the RV was still pretty new, being only about 6 – 7 months old when we bought it used, it was still gassing off formaldehyde and other chemicals. This produced several smells, including a very strong piney-vanilla odor that I had a hard time with. Exposed to these smells, I soon started sniffing and my nose would begin to itch just inside the nostrils. On top of that, my tongue would go numb and I couldn’t taste anything but the weird and bitter vanilla pine smell.

 I had to research the net and order products to reduce the odors from the plywood, pine, pressed wood and other smelly items. The truck, also bought used, had the combined smell of “new car” (you know that stuff they put on the upholstery to make the car smell “straight-from-the-factory”) and “old dog.” Very old dog. We got air purifiers into both vehicles and painted and sealed etc. I was grateful that my friend Talia, faithful gardener for my special plants, was available to help me do this. Finally, we were able to reduce the odor to the point where it no longer started me sniffing and my nose itching. And my tongue no longer went numb (a pretty bizarre reaction it seemed to me). The day before we left, I finished the last piece. Last minute…

(below) Here I am taking last minute stuff on board.


Then Onto the Road

Finally, the departure day arrived, Sunday May 21. Daniel wanted to get off by noon as we had a 6 hour drive lined up. I said “not before 2 pm with all that I have to do.” But it was soon evident that we were not going to get the RV packed and on the road by 2.

Although I was terribly exhausted, I had to push myself to get all the boxes onto the RV and stashed somewhere where they wouldn’t get shaken around too much or damaged while the RV was moving. I was grateful to my friend Theresa who came by for a few moments and did some energy balancing on me. It restored me enough to continue until it was all done.

(above) Daniel has hitched the trailer to the truck.

Both of us tired beyond measure, we left around 4:30 and didn’t pause for several hours. When we were hungry, we pulled into a rest store where we ate a picnic dinner I’d prepared. We didn’t intend to spend a lot of time there, but now with our “big rig,” we had to park in the section with the other RV’ers, boat towers and truckers. The trucker and his wife parked next to us were fascinated with our RV hitch and had to come and look at all our equipment. Turns out they had spent several years motorcycling around the USA, something I’d always wanted to do. They always wanted to tool around in an RV, so we had a mutual appreciation moment. We had a wonderful chat and got to walk around a little bit but time passed.

(below) Our rig at our first rest stop. It’s huge!

So we arrived at our first RV park around 11 pm, weary and with tired butts. The campground manager was still up and gave us the options of various sites. We chose a “pull-through” site. A 40 foot trailer is a bit of a challenge so it’s always easiest for us to get a “pull-through” site because you can drive straight into it, park and unhitch. With streets on both sides, you pull in from one street and in the morning, you simply reattach the truck/hitch and continue driving forward and on out via the other street.

We slept soundly. Exhaustion is a great sleeping pill. The first morning we woke up to the sounds of birds and wind in the pines. Peaceful, cool and quiet. The air smelled fresh. The day was just perfect. I decided it was an omen of what could come.


Day Two’s Tests

However, the day provided our first “tests.” Daniel woke up sniffing with the beginnings of a cold and I was annoyed at him “exposing” me because I always have had a tendency to pick up colds through emotional empathy with the person, and Daniel especially. Intellectually, I know that colds are often a reaction to having too much going on at once with the person’s system overloaded and needing a rest. And I was tired from doing a thousand things myself, so I felt very vulnerable. Soon, I caught myself mentally whining about how my cold would ruin the Conference, the trip, and who knows what, and how I would be ill during this trip and not enjoy it at all, and yada yada yada. Stopping myself frequently, I reminded mysel that I was powerful enough to not get Daniel’s cold. As we drove, I felt my throat tightening up and swelling a little bit. “Oh no, now I have it,” I worried, and my remedies were who knows where in the RV. We pulled over and I found and took some cold remedies, including NAC and other immune system boosters. ”Maybe it’ll be mild,” I hoped.

On the road again, we passed a 5th wheel and truck upside down, splayed across the median fence of the divided road. Both were totaled. Amazingly, we saw that the couple and their dog were all fine, standing with the cops, shaking their heads in dismay at the destruction that had just ended their vacation. I requested more light and protection for us.

We were to have our challenges too, but magic once again prevailed. When we stopped for gas, Daniel noticed that we had a flat tire. Across the road was a tire shop (smelly from all the tires and mildew from a roof leak – more smell challenges) where a friendly and competent young man fixed our tire and put on our spare very inexpensively, and gave us lessons in air pressure to boot. A woman in her 40’s was there getting her flat tire fixed and there were some fellows who showed us their souped up ’34 Ford with an exquisite paint finish. By the time we pulled out of the shop and we all waved goodbye to each other, I felt as if I’d known them for a long time. We humans are indeed “one.” Beautiful people everywhere, I realized.

We had yet more “tests” when we reached the campground for the second night. We had to park the truck and RV on an incline so Daniel engaged the emergency brake. After registering, we couldn’t unlock it. Visions of spending the night in front of the park office flashed through my head. We asked for help. Voila, Daniel suddenly realized that he had been hitting the wrong button and now found the right one and it was free! Then, at our site, we couldn’t seem to unhitch the truck from the RV. We tried every angle and the bar (lock) felt free but still wouldn’t come out. An older gent who had been sitting in a stupor besides the door of his RV next door ambled over to us. He said “I don’t know anything about hitches.” My optimism sank. “But my son does. He’d probably rock the truck about now.” So Daniel got in the truck and backed it up just a ½ inch and bang, the lock released! The fellow smiled, took a drag on his cigarette and told us his son would come pick him up soon, and returned to his chair and his reverie. Like magic, we receive help when we need it. And it came with a big awareness on my part.


Awarenesses of Power

In order to be powerful as a Light Being, I have to own that I create my reality, every single bit of it, both pleasant and unpleasant. And Galexis has said that when you look at things through the perspective of the powerful reality creator that you are, you will see that you create “tests” in order to show yourself where you have not yet taken your power. This then gives you the opportunity to take it now and in the future

(above) A cosmic look that reminds me of my integral place in the Universe.
You are a Light Being in a beautiful Universe. Feel your power.

So I asked myself “why am I giving myself these tests around strong unpleasant smells and time delays? How have I given my power away to them and how can I respond from a powerful place now?” As I sat with the question in mind, we visited a Dollar General store in the boonies, looking for shelf liner, you know the kind that keeps stuff from sliding around? The store was saturated with a strong unpleasant petrochemical odor, such as fragrant laundry detergent, fabric softener-dried clothes, and chlorine combined. It was so strong that we both hesitated in the doorway, almost as if we had hit a physical barrier.

In the past, I would be annoyed at whoever (the person responsible, the store chain etc.) was making me have to deal with the unpleasant pesticide-like smell. I was judge him/her/them as being inconsiderate of others, and on and on. Then I would be afraid of saying anything about it because then the person could possibly be offended and there’d be conflict, or an employee would be totally dumbfounded, ignorant or powerless about my comment. So I would decide, it would be useless to mention anything anyway and just cause somebody some confusion that would end up delaying us trying to explain it. So I would keep my mouth shut and resent it, feeling victimized. If I were to continue doing this, I’d remain a powerless victim.

I also realized that I had felt superior to the person/store owner/whomever from the arrogance of “knowing better” than to use petrochemicals in my laundry and cleaning agents. If I took this approach, then I had stepped into the “sniffer” of danger for society – an unpleasant job to be sure – protecting the world. I could also show the world the dangers of the chemicals as I would then feel my body suffering from them. “See world? I would say, “stop victimizing me! Don’t make me suffer anymore and you’ll be better for it. Or you will suffer yourself soon, just wait and see!”  So this was where I gave away my power around smells. Found it! Aha!

All “tests” are concocted by me to enable me to stay in my victim game, if I prefer that self image, or respond differently from my power. The victim game was on “automatic,” so I would have to learn to respond consciously each time the pattern came up. So each time during the day we ran into a difficulty and I became aware of the pattern, I asked myself “how can I respond differently?”

I chose to repeat over and over “I am a powerful reality creator. I created this to show myself where I give my power away and I refuse to do that any longer. I am powerful enough to create both negative and positive realities and I choose the positive now.” As I said this to myself each time, I felt my body respond. In my chest, my immune system kicked in. It was a pleasant strong “enheartening” feeling where before I had felt weak. Automatically, I straightened up my posture, finding that I had been stooped. My breathing became deeper and I apologized mentally to my body, the “victim” of my game. And as soon as I came back “on line,” the crisis would resolve somehow, generally easier than expected. This was magic!

As I saw the magic happen over and over, I remembered how Galexis said that when you are in your power, magic and miracles happen. When you are in your victim or martyr consciousness, “martyr magic” happens – i.e. the annoying victimizing thing. It’s like a neighbor I used to have that was always the victim of break-ins. No one else had them in the neighborhood besides him. He was always so angry and righteous about it and judged others freely, and then he was the one who got hit over and over. Coincidence? Not! Just a good example of martyr magic.

That evening, we turned off the electricity so that we were “off the grid.” My RV bed was sooooo comfortable, and the weather was cool under the pines. With the windows open, I fell asleep to the gentle breezes fluttering the leaves and sighing through the pines. Peaceful! Rejuvenating! We slept deeply.