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Part Six; California Dreamin' Part 2

Today Daniel and I are on our way home to Hollywood Florida, expecting to reach it Monday. Here's an update on our time in southern California.

California dreamin' part two...

After Santa Barbara and all its beauty, we hoped to find more of that in the L.A. area. As I mentioned earlier, I'd had three readings that all told me that good places for us to live in California would be Santa Barbara, south. We had checked out Santa Barbara and nixed it because it was a small city and far from the opportunities of LA. So now we were entering the LA area and it was time to seriously consider whether we wish to move to southern California or not. Our first three nights in the city were in an RV Park on the water by the Port of Los Angeles in Long Beach. From the park, we could walk along the water and smell the salty and some funky smells coming from the tidepool just south of the park. Surprisingly quiet, considering the port with all the ships, and all the office buildings nearby during daytime work hours. This RV Park was a popular place and we were lucky to have scored a good spot. Lots of retirees and young families sat in the shady grassy common areas between the rows of RV's.

The next day after we arrived, we had a Galexis evening at Tatiana's place. Tatiana is a friend from way back in our Miami days and our friendship developed after she came for astrological readings with me. She's a librarian, but don't let that job title fool you - she's a bohemian creative writer-artist lesbian with an incredible sense of style and a wicked humor (see http://www.delatierra.net ). Her modest apartment was decorated brightly and colorfully and it all gave the impression of being an artist's retreat (see picture below). One wall was covered with record albums dating back many years. She told us that each album represented some memory and had a particular message or meaning from that personal era. Other walls were decorated in a unique colorful style (see picture of one below). Several of her friends arrived and although the air conditioner was loud, everyone enjoyed the presentation and the questions and answers.

Tatiana's Wall

The following day, we travelled around the southern part of LA and along the beach past the port with its amazing numbers of freight cars from China to Palos Verdes Estates, a neighborhood that pleased us, situated as it was on the mountainside high above the Pacific and the fog, with fresh ocean air. We decided that we could enjoy living here, although we were dismayed that we were far from a natural food supermarket.

The day after that, we moved our RV to Brentwood and parked it in front of our friends' house up high in the canyon. Like the rest of LA, we were soon to find out, the neighborhood was speed bump happy. This is not fun going over, especially when we are towing several tons. Despite the fact that Trisha, who invited us and arranged things, was out of town when we arrived, and that Dean Howell, her husband and doctor extraordinaire, was in the midst of a NCR series where people were coming and going all day, we were quickly and easily decamped. Dean was a good sport about having more of a zoo in his house than usual, and we made ourselves at home. Dean and I have a strong connection from another time and place, and so we feel like we are a brother and sister. Dean's two grown sons were there too; Derek who is relaxed, funny and charming, not to mention talented in both music and art, and Brandon, a droll-humored star football player that just may make it into the big leagues soon. Trisha returned, and we joined the whole family for a few days.

Although I mentioned this last year, it bears repeating. Dean does the Neuro Cranial Restructuring method of getting the cranial bones to move with fluidity, allowing the brain to function at its peak. It's also great in alleviating sinus problems, migraines, and structural issues all the way down to the feet! Check it out at http://www.DrDeanHowell.com. Dean also is onto all the coolest and latest advances in energy healing, diet, and medical freedom. Frustrated by hyper-expensive frequency treatment equipment, he put together a "body-box", spelled BodieBox, with all the frequency patterns for zapping a multitude of diseases and conditions. It's inexpensive comparitively, and you can read about it on http://www.bodiebox.com.

Also, Trisha had just returned from one of several workshops in the Theta DNA Healing method. The practitioner goes into theta brain waves while she access the 7th "level" which is beyond limitations and nestled within the Divine. At that point, she asks for healing for specific issues of the client. I had a session with her and felt that a lot and I mean a LOT of energy shifts happened in a very short time! A ton of stuff cleared, and my nervous system has yet to be as jumpy since! In other words, my startle reflex is way down, enabling me to be disturbed at sleep and then to be able to get back to sleep without having to wait two hours or so. More safety in my body feels really nice. Check out Trisha's websites at http://www.TrishaHowell.com and http://www.ThetaHealingTechnique.com. Trisha can do sessions long distance. You know, energy healing has no limitations in time and space!

We only stayed a few days at the Howell's and we had a great time. The last day we didn't spend there but in Marina del Rey, experiencing a unique, once-in-a-lifetime event. Galexis along with Baratta (see http://www.opengateways.com/index02.html ), an entity channelled by Dale Carley, had a joint all-day workshop at Michael Crisp's place, the Tobias and Alysha Crystal Store. Dale and his wife Tysa are two great creative magicians who also attend Lazaris workshops and currently live in Malibu. The workshop was a way of their graciously welcoming us into the area and introducing us to the network there. Baratta is a very loving, heart centered energy and spoke beautifully on the workshop topic of spiritual union. Galexis discussed the transcendence of relationship dynamics that was coming, and both Galexis and Baratta gave lovely advice during the question and answer session. Both also gave separate powerful meditations.

It was fun, after channeling several hours myself, to then come out of trance, sit back and go through the closing meditation with Baratta. We were so high afterwards, I hardly noticed that I had only gotten two hours of sleep. (This now has happened twice, that the night before a workshop, I have been unable to sleep. Then Galexis has had to pour amazing amounts of energy through me to keep me going through the day as I channel. Because the sleeplessness is probably associated with being excited and anticipating getting up early to start the workshop at 10 AM, Daniel suggested that we start all the Galexis workshops in the afternoon until we suspect that I've gotten over my sleep or rather, lack-of-sleep thing!)

Malibu and househunting...

We then moved our RV to Malibu (see website pictures at the park at http://www.maliburv.com ). There, we parked the RV on the bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH as the locals call it.) The ocean is cold and beautiful, with many moods - and at sunset we could see Catalina, the island, with its tall buildings reflecting the setting sun like so many sparkles (see picture below).

Catalina at Sunset

While traffic was loud and steady on the PCH during the day, during the middle of the night when I had my usual insomnia periods, I enjoyed them more than usual because I could lie there, relaxing and listening to the waves crash against the shore. Below is a picture taken from our site, number 31. The weather was cool and pleasant most of the time, and even during a heat wave that came along for a few days, the beach was quite tolerable. When we travelled up the canyons to Woodland Hills in the San Fernando Valley to the Whole Foods Store there, we saw a temperature discrepancy of 30 degrees! In the Valley it was 117 and back in Malibu on the beach 30 minutes later, it was 87!

Pacific Coast View

So this tipped us off to the best areas to look for housing. Previously, I'd studied the weather stations found on the website wunderground.com, a weather site that I like all as much as weather.com. Individuals have weather stations that are listed and recorded on the wunderground site. I could check not only the current temperature and other info, but all the data from the day the site came online. I found that the best (read; warmest in the winter) weather was along the Malibu coast up in the canyons where the ocean kept the temperature modulated (unlike the hot or cold valleys beyond) and yet was beyond the cold mist in the summer. It was even better than along the coast south of LA down to San Diego - surprise! So we hopped in our truck Aylar and tooled around the canyons of Malibu, and eastward along the continuing line of north-south canyons into the Brentwood area of LA. Before we left LA, we had located a real estate agent who will be on the lookout for us for a house to lease, knowing our requirements, and also staying on top of the private market found on bulletin boards and Craig's list for us.

While we were parked in Malibu, we did two more Galexis events. Friends of Dale and Tysa's, Tonia and Phil, connected us with another couple, Debbie and Steve, who had a five acre spread in Fernwood called Bushwillows (see http://www.bushwillows.com ), where they offered channeled workshops. They were nestled into a small horse-farm community that once you entered, you would never ever expect to be in the midst of LA. Although Tania and Phil were very enthused to have a Galexis workshop there, unfortunately they had no air conditioning. We scheduled a workshop there anyway, but the heat wave hit only a few days before, and the temperatures in the workshop room must have reached 100. So at the last moment, another person offered her home in Westlake Village (we thought it interesting that we live in Westlake Village in Hollywood Florida and here, near Hollywood California, we were giving a workshop in Westlake Village). The workshop had a small but enthusiastic attendance and once again, Galexis gave a deep and enlightening workshop entitled "Opening to Your Mission."

A few nights later, we held a Galexis question and answer evening called "Breaking Free of Duality and Illusion" at the Bodhi Tree (see http://www.bodhitree.com ), the premiere new-age bookstore and site for spiritual stuff. I'd heard about it for at least 25 years, and this finally was my chance to see it. My friend Kathryn Howard had seen Carlos Castenada there back in the 70's when she lived in the area. I had a field day, buying new age books that I had never seen anywhere else, especially in the used book section. We had about a dozen people show up - not bad for Galexis, being that they are a total "unknown" in the area. The topic stimulated questions on esoteric and abstract philosophical information, along with inquiries about what happened to people after death. I am always fascinated to hear where the question and answer sessions go - they can wander into so many different areas and all the areas bring out intriguing information from Galexis that simply triggers more questions.

After that event, we spent a day south of LA in Laguna Beach with Kathryn. Although she currently lives in Coral Gables Florida, she was out in California visiting her hometown and having many adventures like we were. Laguna was the prettiest place I'd seen in the LA area so far. The very extensive colorful landscaping required lots of water! Previously a liberal artist's colony, it was still charming, but very cleaned up and taken over by extremely wealthy people. A little modest house now fetches well over a million dollars, even with the real estate market slowdown. We saw a little of the local art festival and enjoyed walking by the beach as well.

A few days later, Daniel and I wound down our LA tour by some more house hunting and a fun party at Dean and Trisha's place. Mical, another South Florida friend who has a nationwide networking new age site (http://www.thinkholistic.com - simply select which part of the country you want and click on it to find the local calendar action ), had flown in to join Kathryn on her trip. So we invited them both to the party. It was so much fun to see them out in LA with us and we were delighted that our trip coincided with theirs. At the party, it seemed that all the LA natives in attendance were working on some creative project - a screenplay, a concert series, a book, a movie, something. I realized that the creative foment pervading the atmosphere in LA would be very inspirational for me, encouraging me to be more creative and get my books done - a very good environmental support.

Into the Desert...

After almost a month in LA, we left, catching I-10 in Santa Monica at its inception and following it hour after hour through the interminable city to the eastern fringes and then out into the desert. As we drove through a pass between two mountains, we came into "windmill valley," so named because of the hundreds or thousands of windmills positioned to get the wind channelled through the area. (See picture of a few of the windmills.) Just before our turnoff to Desert Hot Springs where we planned to spend the night, the truck showed us a sign on the dash that the generator/alternator was no longer charging the battery. Oh dear! We went ahead and parked at the RV resort, and then drove into town, all through over 100 degree temperatures. People were very helpful, referring us to a tire place that ordered the part for us right away. We returned to our RV Park, too hot to soak in the hot mineral springs baths available there.

Desert Scene

Windmill Valley

The next day, we first returned to the tire place and got our new alternator installed. Then we met up with Kathryn and Mical and caravaned our truck and Kathryn's car into and through Yucca Valley, a charming place despite the high temperatures. See the picture below of the interesting Yucca trees and check out the pics on the net at http://www.fotosearch.com/photos-images/yucca-tree.html ). While I am not a desert person, preferring green and more green, desert environments are interesting. In one picture below, you get an idea of what the desert looked like, and in the other, the sentinels of Saguaro Cacti standing on one of the hillsides we passed.

Yucca Valley Trees

Past Yucca Valley and into the boonies we went, until we came to an unusual building in the middle of nowhere called the Integratron (see http://integratron.com/Welcome.html ). If you explore the website, you'll read about thefascinating history of the place and how all the measurements of the place held high mathematical frequencies. Back at the beginning of our trip, while we were buying our Molecular Enhancer in Florida, my sister had called me to tell me about the Integratron. She is so NOT new-age, and never gets excited about healing things and spiritual sciences, so the energy of the place must have affected her. I chose to go experience the Integratron when I got out west, and here we were.

Saquaro Sentinels

A lot of regular people come for the deep relaxation, some come for healing, and as we left, a writer from LA came to spend the night in the rarified energy atmosphere of the Dome, hoping to trigger creative opening. Daniel and I treated Kathryn and Mical to a crystal bowl session for the four of us inside the Integratron Dome, played by Nancy, the beautiful and charming woman who had loved the place for so many years that she had bought it. We were transported, and at one point I felt myself lift up into the air. Kathryn said she had felt that too. But my stubborn consciousness (or for you Toltec fans, my assemblage point) refused to move, so I didn't have a transcendent experience. But I did feel energetic and lighter at the end.

After the Integratron, the four of us went to the mineral baths at our RV Park and soaked. Feeling very comfortable all over, a rarity for me, I had a nice deep sleep. It also helped that ours was virtually the only RV in the huge spacious RV Park. It probably is bustling and booked solid during the season. I was looking forward to the next day, as we would continue our eastward journey into Arizona and Sedona.

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