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PART 1: Our Move and Where We Landed
PART 2: The Creative Place
PART 3: The Amazing Big White House
PART 4: Birds and Critters
PART 5: Fog
PART 6: Plants
PART 7: Earth Wind and Fire
PART 8: The Galexis Business
PART 9: Travel
PART 10: Autumn Adventure with Patricia Bragg
PART 11: Health Changes
PART 12: LA, the Future?

Part Ten;
Autumn Adventure with Patricia Bragg

     After our return from Hawaii, we took a smaller trip, this time to Santa Barbara only a little over an hour away to the west. Our friend Maria was visiting her friend Patricia Bragg, daughter of Paul Bragg, who started the whole health food store concept and promoted natural products as a pathway to health decades ago. You probably have used one or another of Bragg’s products, such as the Liquid Aminos, the Sesame and Ginger salad dressing, or the organic Apple Cider Vinegar.  Patricia has a farm in a beautiful place, close to the ocean, but sheltered. There, in her compound, she has a lovely rose garden, cheerful and colorful offices for the employees, and land on which to plant organic crops.

     We met Maria there, who showed us around. And then we met Patricia. A petite gal, Patricia is a bundle of energy and vitality, practicing every minute what she preaches – the healthy life. She has never taken a prescription medication or even pain pill, and has eaten healthily every day of her life. We got to see a first showing of a video of her being interviewed on a local PBS station. Patricia wears a huge hat, her trademark, and eloquently speaks on any health topic. While watching the video, Patricia was exercising enthusiastically, commenting, and adding upbeat affirmations.

     While waiting for the offices to close for the day, we stretched our legs walking around the farm and it’s wild areas, some very natural and beautiful, others overgrown with exotic landscape plants that had escaped cultivation. We saw the remains of a cultivated garden on the property. Later, Patricia gave us some free Bragg goodies and then we visited her at her home where Daniel held some of her extra large home grown organic veggies. Once Patricia found out that I channeled, she pulled me into her home, filled with her vast, enchanting doll collection from around the world, and shared stories of her own psychic experiences and the magical healing work she’d done.

     As we left, she and Maria were planning to go shopping at some local thrift shop stores. I enjoy that too, and would have loved to join them, but there is only so much anyone can do. There seems to be an unlimited amount of adventures to be had out here in delightfully eccentric and kooky California!

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