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PART 1: Our Move and Where We Landed
PART 2: The Creative Place
PART 3: The Amazing Big White House
PART 4: Birds and Critters
PART 5: Fog
PART 6: Plants
PART 7: Earth Wind and Fire
PART 8: The Galexis Business
PART 9: Travel
PART 10: Autumn Adventure with Patricia Bragg
PART 11: Health Changes
PART 12: LA, the Future?

Part Five; Fog

     So far I have been unable to capture on camera the presence and scope of the fog here. Many evenings, it creeps into the canyons and covers LA. We are generally above the fog level, so we get to watch it pour in “slow-mo” over the smaller coastal mountains into the canyons. Depending on the temperatures, which vary widely, and the season, the fog creates different patterns of moving whiteness over the scenery. Even in the hot and dry summertime, there can be fog. Sometimes, our house appears to float above the fog, as if sitting on a white cloud. Fog is like snow; silent. With no sign or sound of civilization below us, we could have been all alone on the planet. The smell of herbs, eucalyptus trees, and pines waft through our open windows when temperatures allow.

     We hadn’t been here long when we realized, with the mountains, the ocean and the grand views of mist covering the waters and fog covering all but the tops of the mountains, we had come to Lemuria – Lemuria, the mysterious land that disappeared into the mist. Or perhaps it is the fabled Avalon, the land beyond the mists. Florida, we decided, was definitely Atlantis, so we have moved from one ancient civilization to another.

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