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PART 1: Our Move and Where We Landed
PART 2: The Creative Place
PART 3: The Amazing Big White House
PART 4: Birds and Critters
PART 5: Fog
PART 6: Plants
PART 7: Earth Wind and Fire
PART 8: The Galexis Business
PART 9: Travel
PART 10: Autumn Adventure with Patricia Bragg
PART 11: Health Changes
PART 12: LA, the Future?

Part Eight; The Galexis Business

     Our main reason for moving out here was to launch Galexis to a greater market and use the media resources here to reach the spiritual self-help world. Although we find Galexis is popular for private sessions and we are always booked up, we’d like to have large workshops and get the information out to the world. We have found a few very nice venues for workshops, and have attracted a small but growing number of people to our public events. With each workshop, I channel Galexis, a group of beings from various levels/dimensions who speak as one through me. Daniel sits nearby, taking the tuition fee, recording each workshop, and managing the display table with our published CD titles. Each workshop includes a discourse, question and answer time with Galexis, and a concluding meditation where everyone can affect a personal healing and upliftment shift in the area of the topic.

     Within a week or two following the event, Daniel has produced copies of the workshop and the title has its own label and cover description. We have equipment that puts the sound track on CD’s and prints the label all in one – really a great in-house production. Our most popular title so far has been “Healing Your Relationship with Money,” an obvious reflection of the current economic crisis!

     A couple of times a year, we travel to the San Francisco Bay Area and give a longer workshop with a greater attendance, and also visit with friends. We give our workshops at a marvelous crystal store owned and run by Kirby Seid. He is the co-caretaker of the famous Sha Na Ra crystal skull, which I (and Galexis) enjoy holding every time we visit. Kirby also created stunning light-boxes for giant polished crystal balls, some two feet in diameter. Sometimes while Galexis is speaking (and this raises the resonance of the place), the room is lit up with these light-boxes with their slowly changing colors shining through giant crystals. It’s so uplifting, you can go into a beautiful altered state just sitting there!

Ready to Work

Crystal View
     We upgraded our website http://www.galexisspirit.com but found that although it is now truly strikingly beautiful, it is not easy to use, especially when finding and buying CD’s – a majorly important function! So we are currently revamping the site with clearer and easier flow.

     In mid-year, we began the Galexis radio show “Path of Power,” on internet radio station http://www.bbsradio.com. The show is on channel one every first and third Monday evenings at 6 PM Pacific Time. We alternate with Tall Kat Psychic, and the arrangement works well for both of us. I open the show and make a few announcements and introduce people to Galexis, and then Galexis comes in and shares a message. After the message, people call in and ask Galexis questions that the group answers on-air. We’ve had some really profound and enlightening shows!

     We now have many really good workshops on CD and slowly, the demand for them has increased. Galexis gave a series of workshops on “Healing Your Relationship with…” which includes, money, time, family, relationships, body, ego, self, and more. The one on money now has several financial miracles attributed to the listening of it. I truly enjoy channeling to groups. I receive a lot of energy healing and a psychic workout from Galexis that pumps me up!

     Around the holidays, we took some time off to brainstorm how we could reach more people in 2009. We wish to expand the Galexis workshop attendance to a larger and more varied audience. As of February 11, we have begun sharing Galexis to a new variety of people ever Wednesday night. The inexpensive “Love and Healing Evenings with Galexis” provide answers to peoples’ questions, energy healings and processes for everyone who shows up, as well as spiritual attunements known in computer terminology as “downloads.” We are meeting a great new group of people, and it’s fun!

     Of course, along with all the workshop-giving, I am still channeling privately over the phone for the Galexis clients around the world. I get to sit here in my loft office overlooking the spectacular view of LA, the ocean, and the big sky while doing it. And then, always with the hope to write a book, I am editing transcriptions of the Galexis workshops. Unfortunately, marketing demands a lot of writing from me. With each CD release, we are also sending out a topic-related article that comes from these transcribed texts. I anticipate that this year, I’ll also be sending Galexis articles to various magazines, and hope that any that get published will increase interest, CD sales, and attendance.

     All this can mean that I get overloaded with to-do lists. As 2008 came to a close, I got a very strong urge to “detox” my past, and get rid of clutter and stuff. Hours were spent sorting through old tapes and books, clothes and papers. When 2009 came in and I had to get back to work, my office remained a total wreck with the sorting/dumping project half done! It is still a mess as I write this newsletter. I don’t expect a clean office any time soon!

Daniel at Work
     Daniel has been indispensable, managing the Galexis business. He has to stay on top of the schedule, keep the website calendar up to date, send out newsletters, do all the finances, and production, packing and shipping. This is on top of putting together the recording setup for the workshops and even overseeing getting our image together. We decided to have covers for our tables that matched the Galexis website design and coloring. Daniel found a seamstress and coordinated that, so now we have a beautiful, professional looking, and easy to travel-with setup.

     Besides working the Galexis business, Daniel also stretched out to the community and offered his energy healing gifts. The Topanga Community Center gave Daniel a room for several weeks as he offered free healing sessions. Afterwards, he has had clients for his emotional processing work (coaching), energy healing work, and psychic surgery with his Team of spirit helpers. He has an extra room in his wing we call the “Healing Room,” and there, Daniel can meet people, although he mostly does his work over the phone as I do. He also does long distance healing and coaching, and sends energy healing every night for a large number of people and a few animals.

     His best healing technique I feel is the Quantum Touch method that we both have studied. QT is very elegant and can correct spinal imbalances in minutes – something I haven’t seen any other system do. We were fortunate to meet the founder of Quantum Touch, Richard Gordon, and have thoroughly enjoyed him as a person. He lives in LA and has come over to our house for two social events. He is funny and extra smart, and best of all, a very loving and caring man. Check out Quantum Touch at http://www.quantumtouch.com – it’s really an amazing system! When I’m in pain, Daniel can usually relieve it in minutes. Daniel is now a certified QT Practitioner.

     In the next few months, Daniel will assume yet another hat; videographer. We purchased a video camera and while in Maui in September, filmed beautiful scenery. We plan for me to channel short messages from Galexis while Daniel films me and then he’ll superimpose the beautiful Hawaiian scenery behind me. I’ll be on YouTube soon, I hope. We’ll let you know when that happens. Many Galexis clients don’t know what I look like or what I look like while channeling either!

     We also decided to find someone to help us write ads and Daniel advertised on Craig’s List. David Thomas replied. He has finished one film where he interviewed 5 channels like myself and filmed them channeling. It may be part of a film and book deal this year, and he is already planning to do a second film in his “Channelers” series. He’ll be helping us with our marketing ad copy, and perhaps even editing on the Galexis articles and book. Galexis will probably be in his new film, slated for later this year. Check out David and his work at http://www.tuninginmovie.com/about/davidthomas.

     I’ll keep you posted, and in the meantime, I’m getting some image work done. Laser dermabrasion has shown to be helpful in reducing old acne scars such as the ones I have. Hey, it’s Hollywood and many of the best people in the world for improving one’s appearance are here! That and a new hairstyle and color, and a makeover and I’ll be “Hollywoodified!”